Who We Are

Yachats Youth & Families Mission:

The purpose of the Yachats Youth & Family Activities Program is to provide a safe and supportive environment for children, to be an advocate for youth and families, and to provide and encourage activities that integrate youth into the community.

Board of Directors


Michelle Korgan   –  President

Bob Barrett   –  Vice President

Heather Taylor – Secretary

 Max Glenn- Treasurer


 Cicely Bernard – Ken Aebi – Will Williams

 Holly Anne Gibbons – Dana Hovey – Sheila Voge



Alice Beck-Executive Director

E-mail: yapkids@peak.org


Patricia Hettinger-Preschool Teacher

E – mail:patricia.yyfap@gmail.com

jillJill Taglia- Preschool Assistant

E – mail:



Pam LuderwitzAdministrative & Program Assistant

E-mail  – yyfapassistant@peak.org

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